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System of Operation

CTL Eurocollege follows the academic semester system. Each academic year consists of two semesters. The Fall semester covers the period between the middle of September and the end of January, and the Spring semester between the beginning of February and the middle of June.  The Summer session takes place between the end of June and the beginning of September.

Fresh students may apply to commence their studies in the Fall or Spring semester or in the Summer session.   The Summer session is of a shorter duration and consequently more intensive than the Fall and Spring semesters.  For Postgraduate Students already studying, the Summer Session is compulsory.

An academic semester consists of 18 calendar weeks, 13 of which are teaching weeks, the other 2 are holiday periods, either Christmas or Easter, and the last 3 weeks of each semester comprise the Final examination/Make-up period.  The Summer session includes 12 calendar weeks of which the first ten are teaching weeks, the eleventh the Final Examination period and the last one the Make-up Examination period.

ECTS Unit System

ECTS stands for European Credit Transfer & Accumulation System. Ctl Eurocollege has already introduced the ECTS System to all its Programmes, except the Professional Programmes.


The Administration of the College incorporates, along with the different Departments responsible for the smooth and effective functioning, the following bodies