All Students are assisted by the skillful counselling services offered by CTL Eurocollege at no extra cost. The Students can discuss matters related to their studies, progress and private life, on an individual basis. In cases where the progress of a student is handicapped due to special circumstances, a personal approach is extended by CTL Eurocollege to assist them in overcoming the problem.

Counselling Services team and Academic Mentoring

The Counselling Services team consists of experienced members of the academic personnel of the College. The team provides academic and career counselling to students.

The Academic mentors provide academic guidance and pastoral care to students related to their studies and give them a chance to discuss their experiences and help them succeed in their studies.

The Academic Committee is responsible for assigning members of the Faculty as Academic mentors. Their names are published on the web platform as well as on the announcement boards and are available to all students requiring mentoring. 

Lecturer’s Office Hours

The office hours are set for 2 hours after the completion of a given class once a week. The exact time is decided by the Lecturer. The office hours for each course are published in the Course Outline which is accessible to student as from the first week from the beginning of classes.

The office hours may be adjusted according to any special needs of the students.

Student Counselling on personal matters

Student Counselling on personal matters is available for all CTL Students at no extra cost and is provided by a licensed clinical psychologist. The aim of this service is to make sure that our Students feel supported by the College on all levels, academic and personal. This service also aims to help Students realize the cause of their problems and find the different options to overcome them.

Appointments can be arranged during the week (09.00-18.00) by sending an email to the following address: