Requirements for Graduation

All students who wish to be considered for graduation must file a written Application for Graduation with the Academic Office not later than the beginning of the first month of the final semester of graduation and meet the following pre-requisites before graduation:

(a) Minimum credit hour requirements of the individual programme pursued.

(b) Completion of at least half of the credits/ECTS required to complete a Diploma or a Bachelor’s Degree at
      Ctl Eurocollege      

(c) Completion of all prescribed coursework.

(d) Settlement of all financial obligations towards the College.

It is the responsibility of the Students to be familiar with the exact credit-hour requirements of their programme.

Required Credits for Awards

Awards in the Academic Programmes are subject to the total ECTS units earned as follows:

Master’s Degree             90 ECTS
Bachelor's Degree        240 ECTS
Higher Diploma            180 ECTS
Diploma                         120 ECTS

Duration of studies:

a)  Master's Degree:           3 academic semesters
b)  Bachelor’s Degree:       4 academic years of study
c)  Higher Diploma:            3 academic years of study
d)  Diploma:                         2 academic years of study

Graduation Honours

A Graduating Student, who has attained a high cumulative academic achievement at The CTL Eurocollege, is awarded Honours as follows:

Final CPA 3.90 or better, Honours with Distinction
Final CPA 3.70 or better, Honours with Merit

Europass Diploma Supplement

CTL Eurocollege issues the Europass Diploma Supplement to all graduates together with the original Diploma or Degree earned.

Europass is an initiative of the European Commission and it aims at helping people make their qualifications and competences clearly and easily understood throughout Europe. It is a coordinated portfolio of documents, which in particular improves the communication between job applicants and employers, regardless of borders. This facilitates occupational mobility – between countries as well as between sectors – and both promotes and adds value to mobility in education and training.

Τhe Europass Diploma Supplement is a personal document which is allocated to graduates of higher education. The Diploma Supplement does not replace the original Diploma or Degree obtained, but it eases the process of understanding the content of program studied, as well as recognizing and assuring the level of study and title obtained, especially outside the country of origin of the graduate.