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Research Projects

May 2018 - Present: The Impact of Stress Management on Leadership Effectiveness in the Hotel Industry of Cyprus.

The research team investigates the challenges faced by leaders in the hospitality industry of Cyprus. The aim of the research project is to investigate the characteristics of stress management that impact leadership effectiveness.


April 2016 - Present: The Evaluation of the Impact of Research in Social Sciences and the Humanities in the Society, COST PROGRAMME (CA15137).

The “European Network for Research Evaluation in the Social Sciences and the Humanities” (ENRESSH).

ENRESSH aims to propose clear best practices in the field of SSH research evaluation. The Action brings together numerous experts, such as researchers in evaluation studies, policy makers and members of evaluation units, as well as researchers from SSH disciplines. Its approach is based on the comparison and the cross fertilisation of strands of work dedicated to SSH research evaluation currently under development in different parts of Europe while seeking to avoid unnecessary duplication and to upscale results.