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1. Forex Trading Academy

Learning Academies: 70+ Recorded Educational Videos

  • Basics, Intermediate, Advance, Advance Strategies for Forex Trading.
  • Education available in Greek, English, Spanish, German, Portuguese.

Live Mentorship: 85 Educators, teaching you Live Online

  • Live Online Webinars for Basics, Intermediate, Advance, Advance Strategies.
  • 1000 Hours Live Webinars per month.
  • 12 Different Languages of Education. o Receive 24/5 live Trade Ideas.
  • Receive 24/5 Markups from the Educators themselves.

Strategies: 9 Proven, and Accurate strategies with mentorship that can make it much easier to understand the Forex Markets

  • Understand the strategy itself, to increase your accuracy, reduce time needed to trade, and save effort for yourself.
  • Receive 24/5 trade ideas from our strategies, and simply validate them with the Strategies of the educators.

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