CCNA Introduction to Networks


  • The CCNA course helps participants develop the skills necessary to fulfil the job responsibilities of network technicians, administrators and engineers.
  • The CCNA course ‘Introduction to Networks’ is the first of four courses leading to the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) designation.
  • The course introduces applications and application services very early in the curriculum to provide a foundation. Advanced technologies (voice, video, wireless and security) are also introduced.


  • Recognise and describe the devices and services used to support communications in data networks and the internet.
  • Identify and describe the role of protocol layers in data networks.
  • Recognise and describe the importance of addressing and naming schemes at various layers of data networks in IPv4 and IPv6 environments.
  • Design, calculate, and apply subnet masks and addresses to fulfill given requirements in IPv4 and IPv6 networks.
  • Explain fundamental Ethernet concepts such as media, services and operations.
  • Build a simple Ethernet network using routers and switches.
  • Use Cisco command-line interface (CLI) commands to perform basic router and switch configurations.
  • Utilise common network utilities to verify small network operations and analyse data traffic.


  • IT Security Officers
  • Network Security Engineers
  • Network Engineers
  • Network Administrators
  • Network Technicians
  • Support Engineers
  • Network Specialists
  • IT Professionals

DURATION: 45 hours


Participation is subject to availability.

If you are interested for the CCNA course ‘Introduction to Networks’ please contact us to proceed with your registration.

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