Expression of Interest

CTL EUROCOLLEGE aim is to provide the opportunity to students and staff to further their education, knowledge, training and experiences an give the opportunity to meet people from various cultures and backgrounds so as to respect uniqueness in others and foster a spirit of acceptance regardless of their perceived characteristics.

CTL EUROCOLLEGE holds an Erasmus+ Charter and is actively involved in the Erasmus+ programme.

For Expression of Interest  please follow the respective link below and fill out the form.  Your application will be evaluated by the Erasmus+ Committee which strives to secure the integrity, transparency and fairness of the Erasmus+ programme.

Interinstitutional Agreement

Outgoing Student mobility (For CTL Students)

Candidate students must successfully complete at least one semester of study at CTL, have good academic performance (≥2.00) with no discipline issues.

Credits earned at other Institutions do not carry quality points and are not calculated into students’ Grade Point Averages and Cumulative Point Averages.

Incoming Student mobility

OutgoingTeaching mobility (For CTL Lecturers)

Incoming Teaching mobility

Outgoing Administrative staff mobiltiy (For CTL staff)

Incoming Administrative staff mobility

For further information please contact Ms Marianna Papathoma at

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