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Students who have completed their 2-year Diploma studies are accepted as transfer Students to complete their undergraduate studies (Bachelor’s Degree) in:

the U.K., the U.S.A., France, Russia, Switzerland, Belgium, and other European countries.

Generally speaking, to transfer Students need to do

1. For a Bachelor’s Degree

2 years at CTL Eurocollege + 1 year (in some European countries)

2 years at CTL Eurocollege + 2 years (in some European countries, UK and USA)

2. For a Master’s Degree

Bachelor’s Degree of CTL Eurocollege + 1 year (Europe)

Please note that the Universities which accept transfer Students base their judgment on the following criteria: The general academic performance of the Student at the College of origin, the marks earned in each Course, and the attendance record of the Student. Furthermore, the following criteria are taken seriously into account:

  • Proof of the level of knowledge of English by the Student.
  • Compatibility of the Programme of Study that the Student was registered for in the College of origin with the Programme for which the Student applies at the University.