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Tuition & Other Fees

Tuition Fees

Tuition and Other fees are subject to change every two years.  

Any increase in Tuition and Other fees is approved by the Minister of Education and Culture.

Tuition and Other fees are published in the College Prospectus.

The Preparatory Programmes have fixed costs. 

The Undergraduate Programmes of study are charged per credit. If students fail a subject, the credits are recharged when they register for it.

The Postgraduate Programme has fixed costs.  If students fail a subject the credits are recharged when they register for it.

Other Fees

Other Fees may include the following, depending on the Country of Origin or the Programme of Study of preference of the Candidate:

Other Fees include the following:

  • Visa Deposit (International students)
  • Medical Insurance for International students (annual fee)

 One – off payments

  • Application fee
  • Visa processing fee (International students)
  • Migration fee (International students)

 Paid every semester

  • Registration fee
  • Administration fee
  • Computer lab/internet fee
  • Facilities fee
  • Student Activities fee

 If and when required

  • Hospitality practice fee (paid by Hospitality students)
  • Visa renewal fee (international students)
  • Make-up examination fee
  • Issue of Diploma/Degree/transcripts fee
  • Duplicate transcript of academic record fee
  • Transfer of credits evaluation fee (per subject)
  • Duplicate Diploma/Degree fee
  • Collection from airport fee

Tuition and other fees are subject to revision or adjustment, and they may vary according to the Programme of Study registered for.  Any revision or adjustment, though, is announced before the commencement of the new Academic Year. It is therefore advisable to request the valid Tuition & Other Fees through the Admission Request Form, stating the intended Programme of Study,  level of Knowledge of English, Country of Origin, as well as  Educational background, in order to receive the correct information.