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Students who have commenced or completed a Programme of study in another recognised Institution of Higher Education in Cyprus or other country and wish to transfer to the College, must submit the following documents (along with all other required documents) to the Academic Office: 

  1. An attested copy of official transcripts of their previous academic record
  2. An official description of the subjects successfully completed in the other Institution.  

Transfer credit units of Courses attended elsewhere may be accepted as shown below:

  • From Diploma level to Ctl Diploma level with a minimum grade of “D”
  • From Diploma level to Ctl Degree level with a minimum grade of “C”

The number of credits/ECTS for each transferred subject has to comply with those given to corresponding Ctl Eurocollege subjects.

Transfer students are expected to attempt and earn at least half of the credits/ECTS required to complete a Diploma or a Bachelor’s Degree at Ctl Eurocollege

The maximum percentage of transfer credits from non-accredited Programme of study or professional qualification to an accredited Programme of study is 10%.  The College verifies all Diplomas/Degrees through the official list of recognized/accredited institutions published in

Credits earned at other Institutions do not carry quality points and are not calculated into students’ Grade Point Averages and Cumulative Point Averages.