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Hadjiyiannis Company

Hadjiyiannis company was founded in 1967 and for more than a century it has been doing business in the field of imports and distribution of a great variety of constructing materials and colours to DIY chain stores, stores that sell constructing materials, paint stores and overall more than 300 stores in Cyprus and Greece.

Hadjiyiannis is the exclusive representative of internationally renowned businesses such as Isomat (building materials and paints), Crown Paints, Sandtex (interior and exterior paints), V33 (wood care products), Rust-Oleum (specialized paints), Valpaint (decorative coatings) etc. All the products of the company are addressed both to professionals being involved in large or small projects and amateur DIYers and they are affordable for all consumers.

The company has developed impressively with very high growth rates. The ever-increasing demands in the construction market, led Hadjiyiannis to explore new innovative paths so that it could successfully meet these requirements. Some examples are the creation of a model training center -the Hadjiyiannis Academy- where both the company staff and the partners / customers of the company enjoy continuous training with seminars for the development of technical knowledge. This is one of the results of the anthropocentric and customer-centric philosophy of the company, which is one of the main pillars of its success. Also, the creation of large warehouses, new headquarters, an impressive exhibition space and the signing of new collaborations with big names in the market, make Hadjiyiannis a pioneering and innovative company in the field of building materials, colours, renovation and decoration.

What makes Hadjiyiannis differentiate from its competitors, is the services provided,  especially after sale, since the know-how and the support of the people of the company, guarantee a successful result for every project, big or small, in the modern and demanding sector of the construction industry..

A non-negotiable goal of ours is the full satisfaction of each customer, who, in turn feels that we will be next to him all the time.

That is the most important thing for us. That is what we have been doing for more than half a century.



“We create and offer the necessary elements on a daily basis to make people’s lives more inspiring, creative and enjoyable.

We make this possible with quality products, safety, proper protection and focusing on the colour used in construction, through which we, along with you, build a new approach to the space.

We are dedicated to providing a creative world focusing on people, with materials and services that improve the construction, resulting in an improved quality of life.”



We invest in our people, as this is the essential ingredient of our success. Only through knowledge, specialization and continuous training, we can provide perfect services before, but also, after sale.

Our workforce is made up of young people with a creative spirit and fresh ideas. With rich knowledge, ethos, hard work, and professionalism, they can suggest solutions to every problem of our much-respected partners and customers.

Our philosophy is “our wealth is our people”, which is the reason why we invest in our human resources since it is the main component of our success. All the people of Hadjiyiannis Company have been with us for years and all together we make a family that combines love with professionalism. Every new executive in our Company is motivated to follow the same “philosophy”.

We believe in specialization, which is why we are a relatively small team and that allows us to be flexible but most importantly, to have personal contact with each partner, customer, friend.

The Company’s policy is that individual tasks must be assigned to the best professionals in each field, such as distribution, storage, accounting, communication, advertising, and promotion of the Company, etc. In this way, we can be one hundred percent committed to what we do best, in order to have our partners and customers satisfied.

Contact Us: 

Tel: +357 25 877430


34, Arch. Makarios III Ave.,
Hadjiyiannis Court, 3065 Limassol, Cyprus