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Accreditation of another 5 Programmes

Ctl Eurocollege has the great pleasure of announcing the accreditation of another 5 of its Programmes of Study.  

The 2 Programmes are accredited by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education. 

These are:

  1. Marketing & Public Relations, 2-year Diploma
  2. Computer Systems & Networking, 2-year Diploma, which is one of our newest Programmes of Studies.

The 3 Programmes were accredited by the Council of Educational Evaluation-Accreditation of Cyprus (SEKAP).

These are:

  1. Hospitality Management, 4-year Bachelor of Arts (re-accreditation)
  2. Computer Studies, 2-year Diploma
  3. Office Administration, 2-year Diploma

We would like to thank the staff members who contributed to this success.