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Emergency Evacuation Plan seminar

Ctl staff attended a seminar on emergency evacuation procedures and health and safety at work.  The seminar was organized and delivered by Mr. Paul Martin, who is a Health and Safety Officer.

Paul started of the seminar by asking us if we had noticed anything that might be considered a health hazard in the building.  One or two members of the staff came up with a couple of suggestions, but the rest could not think of anything.  This highlights how easy it is to go through our working lives without being aware of the hazard around us.  Paul went on to describe the different kinds of fire extinguishers  and how and when they should be used.  There followed a talk on evacuation procedures and the responsibilities of staff in such situations.  This triggered a lively discussion on the subject with lots of questions and informative answers given in reply to them.

All in all the seminar was informative and interesting and raised our awareness on the need of safety at work.