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Field Trip to Lefkara-Choirokoitia

On Friday May 5th, CTL Students visited the archaeological site of Choirokoitia, as well as the famous village of Lefkara, in the Larnaca mountainous area! The site and the history of the Choirokoitia Neolithic settlement made a very strong impression on the Students, who had the chance to stroll through the findings and true replicas-samples of the old house structures, and realize how people might be living 9,000 years ago!!

Their impression in Lefkara was equally strong as well as pleasant. They had the chance to see old, authentic traditional Cyprus houses, built with the characteristic stone blocks of the specific area, based on the area’s house typology, to experience the village’s unique urban structure, and to learn about the village’s past way of living through narrations, as well as the exhibits of the Lefkara Museum!