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Tsiknopempti 2018

Are you ready to grill

The Ctl Eurocollege is celebrating ‘Tsiknopempti’ (or fat Thursday which is the last Thursday before Lent, the fasting period for all Christians). In Cyprus it is celebrated with the traditional “Souvla” or barbeque. On this day, every household grills meat in the open air and the smell of charred is diffused everywhere. It is this characteristic smell (or tsikna) that gives it its name.

It also marks the start of the carnival period and the college is preparing a buffet lunch with barbeque (souvla) and a variety of other foods for all students.

Date and time: 12 o’clock Thursday 8 February 2018.

Follow the smell and you will locate us!!!!

Student Welfare & Activities Officer






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