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Circulation Rules

The material accessible to accredited users of CTL Eurocollege library is divided in the four categories:

a) Main Collection

This includes materials which is accessible to all accredited library users. The maximum number of days allowed per loan is ten (10) days. However, this does not apply to academic and administration staff, who can borrow material for the duration of the academic semester.

b) Short loan Collection

This category includes printed and audiovisual material which has been designated as essential teaching aids for the current academic semester. This can only be borrowed for a maximum of two (2) days during a given semester. They are marked with a yellow symbol.

Material from Short Loan and main collection categories can only be renewed as long as they are not required by other users at the time.

c) Non – loanable Material

This category includes magazines, newspaper, maps and informational material such as encyclopaedias and dictionaries. Items of this category cannot be loaned and their use is restricted to within the library area. They are marked with a red symbol.

d) Audiovisual material

This category includes CDs DVDS, audio tapes, and video tapes and so on. Audiovisual material accompanying a book can be loaned under the same conditions that apply to the category the said book belongs to. Any audiovisual material that does not accompany a book can be lent to all accredited users for ten (10) days.


Renewals of Material

Loaned material can be renewed any number of times as long as the material in question has not be requested by another user or no penalty has been imposed.

Renewals can be made:

1) In the library on presentation of student’s card

2) By telephone (tel. +35725736501)

3) By sending an e- mail to

Reservation of material

Users can reserve items from any of the library collections except for those from the non –loanable Material and short loan collection. An item can only by reserved if is already out on loan. A user can make a reservation by presenting his/her student card to the librarian. As soon as the reserved item has been returned to the library, the librarian notifies the users by telephone or email .If the item is not collected within (2) two days, the reservation is automatically cancelled. Reservations are made on a first- come, first- served basics.

Return of loaned items

Borrowers must return all loans within the period of time allocated to the category the borrowed item belongs to. All borrowed items must be returned to the library before the end of current semester.

Recall of items

The library reserves the right to recall any loaned item. Borrowers are notified over the phone or by email that the loaned item is being recalled. If the borrower does not respond to a recall request, a penalty may be imposed.

Replacement of lost or damaged items

When a borrowed item is damaged or lost, the borrower is obliged to notify the library and pay for replacement of the lost or damaged item. All lost items remain the sole property of CTL Eurocollege and if found at a later date, they must be returned to the library immediately. A borrower can choose to replace a lost or damaged item himself/ herself, but on condition that the replacement is exactly the same as the original.

However, if the said Item is no longer available (out of print or out of stock).The borrower is obliged to pay the full cost to the library.

Overdue Items

There is a penalty of €1 per day for late returns of items. All overdue items carry daily a penalty. In other words, if a borrower returns an item (5) five days late, the penalty incurred is the daily rate times five. (€1*5 days=€5).

A library user cannot borrow any other items if he/she has any unpaid penalties to his/her name. Furthermore, students will not be allowed to register for the following semester or graduate if they have not paid any penalties for overdue or damaged items to the library first.