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Ordering of Material

The College library updates its collection before the beginning of each new semester. The aim is to enrich the library with new material, replace damaged stock and lost items.

Orders are placed in response to requests from academic and administrative staff as well as from students. Factors such as cost, perceived, need and availability of items (from publisher and suppliers) are taken in to consideration for the final approval of this request. Orders of multiple copies are only allowed under the following conditions:

  1. The material in question is in high demand
  2. The library already has multiple copies of the items, but they need to be replaced due to damage
  3. Multiple copies of items held in stock have all gone missing and need to be replaced

The ordering process:

  • Order forms should be completed and handed in on time
  • All the necessary information should be in included and clearly stated
  • Books destined for the short – loan category should be clearly marked as such

Users wishing to order material need:

  1. To fill the following online application

Order Form