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Student Performance

The College operates on the Semester system and the measure of its academic course work is the credit hour (often referred to as semester credit hour). A credit hour represents a fifty-five-minute class period that may require at least 2 further hours of individual study at home. Students’ work in each course is evaluated throughout the semester with tests, assignments, projects, reports or other means of evaluation, which can indicate a Student’s progress in a course. All the above will be calculated into the coursework grade.

In some Programmes an Industrial Training or Placement may be required, along with the various courses.

As for Final Year Projects, work is evaluated by the progress of private tutorials given throughout the semester and by the final result handed in by the Student.

Semester Grading

The Semester-grading is based on the following:

Coursework mark - 45% weighting

Participation mark  - 5% weighting

Final examination mark - 50% weighting.  

The pass mark at CTL Eurocollege is 50%. 

Attendance/ Performance

Students have to attend at least 70% of a semester’s sessions, in each course, in order to be allowed to sit a Final Examination. It is the Students’ responsibility to keep themselves informed of dates set for semester tests, Final Examinations, and submission of assignments. Poor attendance, not submitting assignments by the given deadline, and not taking the required number of tests all have an adverse effect on  Students' performance and grade.

In the event that an absence is as a result of illness or other unforeseen or serious event,  Students have to present a doctor’s certificate or other strong evidence (to substantiate a claim of mitigating circumstances) to the Academic Dean, who may excuse the absence or set an assignment or other form of extra work, in compensation for the loss of classes. This, however, is at the discretion of the Academic Dean. If the absence is due to College-approved reasons, such as participation in meetings, College activities, visits or trips, verification is required by the Academic Dean. Within one week of returning to regular classes and upon presentation of verification, Students should contact the Lecturer about making up for missed work.