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Online English Courses at all levels

The College is offering the opportunity to Local/ EU Citizens as well as Citizens from 3rd countries, to improve their English skills, through Online English Courses at all levels from the comfort of their home.

The specific courses may help any individual of any age to improve their English Language abilities, but they may also give the chance, to any CTL prospective Student, to reach the minimum level of English required at IELTS, for enrolment in any of the College’s Programmes of Study without the need of an in-class Foundation/ Preparatory Programme.

Participants will be classified in levels according to their existing knowledge through a placement test, which will also be offered online.

The levels offered are 3 in all; each one is taught intensively over a short period of time in the number of hours indicated below. Their correspondence to the CEF levels (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) or the IELTS preparation procedure is as follows: 

English I: CEF A1/ A2 levels (Elementary)                                                                               90 teaching hours

English II: CEF A2/ B1 levels (Pre – Intermediate) + preparation for IELTS 3.5              110 teaching hours                

English III: CEF B1/ B2 levels (Upper – Intermediate) + preparation for IELTS 5.5        130 teaching hours

If interested follow the link and fill in the form, so that we can get back to you with details regarding the procedure.