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ECTS Unit System

ECTS stands for European Credit Transfer & Accumulation System. Ctl Eurocollege has already introduced the ECTS System to all its Programmes, except the Professional Programmes. All transcripts and Semester Reports bear the ECTS Unit indication. The College adopted the ECTS Unit system to make it easier for Students to move between different countries and transfer their credits from one Institution to another.

ECTS represents the workload and defined learning outcomes of a given course.

The ECTS Unit awarding scale is a grading system defined in the ECTS framework by the European Commission. Since many different unit awarding systems co-exist in Europe, and considering that interpretation of units varies considerably from one country to another, if not from one Institution to another, the ECTS unit awarding scale has been developed in order to provide a common currency unit and facilitate the transfer of Students and their grades between European Higher Education Institutions.  

Each Institution makes its own decision on how to apply the ECTS unit awarding scale, and to adapt it to its own system.  At Ctl Eurocollege the old credit hour unit is equivalent to 2 ECTS Units.

The ECTS Unit is meant to be used, in order to effectively “translate” and “transcript” a grade from one institution to another. The ECTS value number is stated alongside the mark/ grade awarded for each Course, by the host Institution on the Student’s transcript of records, indicating the work load completed for the specific Course.  The receiving Institution then converts the ECTS Unit to its own system. Higher Education Institutions are recommended to provide ECTS value numbers for all Courses, and to take into account the ECTS values awarded by other Institutions. A certain amount of flexibility is advised, since the ECTS Unit awarding scale was designed to improve transparency and facilitate transferability.