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Erasmus+ Committee

The Erasmus+ Committee aims to design a strategy for the Ctl Eurocollege and its Erasmus+ programme. The committee evaluates the progress of the programme and makes suggestions to management.

The objectives of the Committee:

  1. To develop the Erasmus+ strategy.
  2. To evaluate the progress of strategy implementation.
  3. To encourage collaboration with Higher Education Institutions, public and private organizations.
  4. To inform the faculty, students and the public about the Erasmus+ activities.

Functions of the Committee:

  1. To prepare the process of selection of candidates to participate in the Erasmus+ programme.
  2. To monitor and ensure the transparency of the selection process.
  3. To exchange ideas and suggestions with committee members, academics and experts of different fields.
  4. To promote the Erasmus+ programme to the college and society.
  5. To involve students and faculty in Erasmus+ projects that will be beneficial for the participants, the college and society.
  6. To provide incentives and recognition to the students and faculty that engage in the Erasmus+ programme.

The Erasmus+ Committee is comprised of the following members:

  • The Erasmus+ Coordinator
  • The Finance & Administration Director
  • The Academic Dean
  • One member of the Faculty Staff
  • One member of the Administration

The committee strives to secure the integrity, transparency and fairness of the Erasmus+ programme.