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Erasmus+ Committee

The Erasmus+ Committee aims to design a strategy for the Ctl Eurocollege and its Erasmus+ programme. The committee evaluates the progress of the programme and makes suggestions to management.

The objectives of the Committee:

  1. To develop the Erasmus+ strategy.
  2. To evaluate the progress of strategy implementation.
  3. To expand the collaboration with other Higher Education Institutions providing the opportunity to improve the quality of its programmes.
  4. To provide opportunities to exchange knowledge and practices with colleagues from other Institutions regarding teaching methods, technology and other good practices.
  5. To provide learning and teaching opportunities to students, faculty and staff.
  6. To strengthen the Institution’s attempt to achieve its aim in accordance with its social contribution to produce highly qualified students/staff.
  7. To provide to participants the opportunity to meet people from various cultures and backgrounds so as to respect uniqueness in others and foster a spirit of acceptance regardless of their perceived characteristics.
  8. To support the Institution’s mission to empower students in achieving their goals by providing excellent educational and transfer opportunities.
  9. To design projects with selected partners.
  10. To publish articles and papers in academic journals.
  11. To inform the faculty, students and the public about the Erasmus+ activities.

Functions of the Committee:

  1. To prepare the process of selection of candidates to participate in the Erasmus+ programme.
  2. To monitor and ensure the transparency of the selection process.
  3. To evaluate the eligibility of candidates.
  4. To ensure that all required agreements and documents are completed and submitted in a timely manner.
  5. To safeguard that all required information regarding travelling and culture is passed on to the participants to ensure the successful completion of their mobility.
  6. To provide academic record containing full, accurate information regarding their achievements at the end of the mobility period.
  7. To exchange ideas and suggestions with committee members, academics and experts of different fields.
  8. To promote the Erasmus+ programme to the college and society.
  9. To involve students and faculty in Erasmus+ projects that will be beneficial for the participants, the college and society.

The Erasmus+ Committee is comprised of the following members:

  • The Erasmus+ Coordinator
  • The Finance & Administration Director
  • The Academic Dean
  • One member of the Faculty Staff
  • One member of the Administration

The committee strives to secure the integrity, transparency and fairness of the Erasmus+ programme.