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The CTL Eurocollege may offer a number of scholarships per Academic Year, in the form of reductions on Annual fees. These are offered to Local first-year Candidate Students who meet any of the following criteria:

a)  A General Average Mark on the High School Leaving Certificate, as follows:

17.00-18.00 (85-90%)           -         25% reduction on the annual fees

18.01-19.00 (91-95%)           -         30% reduction on the annual fees  

19.01-20.00 (96-100%)         -         35% reduction on the annual fees

b)  Special criteria                  -        40% reduction on the annual fees

  1. Being a member of a large family (of at least 3 children)
  2. Being a member of a family with a poor financial background
  3. Being an orphan child with a poor financial background

The approval of a scholarship application, according to the above criteria, is left to the judgment of the Academic Committee. The College reserves the right to change or revise the scholarship criteria. Any such revision is announced before the commencement of the Academic Year.

International non-EU Students are eligible for  scholarship according to their academic performance.

Academic Merit Scholarships

Academic Merit Scholarships are granted to all students as a result of an excellent academic performance (GPA 3.70-4.00) for two consecutive Fall and Spring semesters with a 15 credit load at least.  The Scholarship is granted as a reduction in tuition fees or in the form of a money prize if Students are graduates.