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Tuition & Other Fees

Tuition Fees                                                                                                                           €                 

Undergraduate Programmes – Tuition fees per ECTS  unit                                                                            71,50

Annual tuition fees for 60 ECTS                                                                                                                           4290

Graduate Programmes -Tuition fees per ECTS unit                                                                                              97

Tuition fees for the complete programme 90 ECTS                                                                                         8730

Other Fees

Other Fees may include the following, depending on the Country of Origin or the Programme of Study of preference of the Candidate:


  • Visa Deposit. 
    The College may charge a Visa Deposit amount for International non EU students only, if and when necessary, as follows:

    South Asia, Indian Subcontinent countries, Middle East, Arab Countries,
    East Europe                                                                                                                                                        450

    Far East, Latin America, Africa                                                                                                                        650

    The Visa Deposit is refunded on completion or interruption of studies after the student provides sufficient proof of departure from Cyprus and has no pending financial obligations towards the College.

  • Medical Insurance for one year
    (compulsory for International students)                                                                                                       175

 One – off payments

  • Application fee (non refundable)                                                                                                                     65
  • Migration fee (for International students only)                                                                                             85

 Paid every semester

  • Registration fee                                                                                                                                                  35
  • Administration fee                                                                                                                                             18
  • Computer lab/internet fee                                                                                                                                35
  • Facilities fee                                                                                                                                                        28
  • Student Activities fee                                                                                                                                        27

 If and when required

  • Hospitality practice fee (only for the Hospitality programmes)                                                              229
  • Visa renewal fee (for International students only)                                                                                      35
  • Make-up examination fee                                                                                                                                35
  • Issue of Diploma/Degree/transcripts fee                                                                                                     35
  • Duplicate transcript of academic record fee                                                                                                18
  • Transfer of credits evaluation fee (per subject)                                                                                           53
  • Duplicate Diploma/Degree fee                                                                                                                        35
  • Collection from airport fee                                                                                                                               40

Tuition and other fees are subject to revision or adjustment, and they may vary according to the Programme of Study registered for.  

Any revision or adjustment, though, is announced before the commencement of the new Academic Year. It is therefore advisable to request the Tuition & Other Fees through the Admission Request Form, stating the intended Programme of Study,  level of Knowledge of English, Country of Origin, as well as  Educational background.


Refund of tuition fees

For local and EU students:

Tuition fees are only refundable in the following cases: 

  1. Serious illness or accident that occurs after registration and prevents from studying.
  2. Death of a student.  

The refund is calculated according to criteria. 

For International students:  

In addition to the above tuition fees are only refundable in the following cases: 

  1. Candidate students whose entry visa has been rejected from the Immigration Authorities.
  2. Entry visa has been granted but the student has not been able to come to Cyprus and the Migration Authorities have confirmed his/her non-arrival.
  3. First Registration with Immigration Authorities in Cyprus not possible due to contagious blood diseases. (see Immigration Regulation)