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Cyprus is the 3rd largest island in the Mediterranean. It became an independent state in 1960, after some 82 years under the British Crown, the last in a long line of Colonial powers that ruled the island throughout History. The climate is warm and typically Mediterranean, and directly reflected in people’s mentality and way of thinking!

Studying in Cyprus offers an advantage for International as well as Local Students, because it provides the opportunity to either complete their studies in a EE country, or to make their first step in their academic career before transferring further to any English speaking Institution anywhere in the world! 


Limassol which is the second largest urban area in Cyprus, is located on the southern coast of the island. The city  has a population of over 180 000 inhabitants, split in several municipal zones, with the Municipality of Limassol being the most populous in Cyprus, accounting for more than 100 000 people. The city has a long and extensive history, as its first settlements were established some 4000 years ago. It is built in a natural harbour, with potable spring water, surrounded by extensive agricultural enterprises, many of which are vineyards and carob tree plantations. The period after the tragic events of 1974 saw the city develop into the greatest commercial port of the country, and establish itself as one of the largest ship-management centres in the European Union.  It also boasts crystal clear waters, excellent hotels, and a very well developed tourist infrastructure, all of which have contributed to making Limassol one of the most important tourist destinations in the wider region, something extremely vital for the city’s economy.

Limassol is today the 2nd most important business and financial center of Cyprus with a large number of local and international companies surrounded by a further network of hotels, restaurants and other venues for entertainment and leisure. 

Limassol is furthermore well known for its cultural tradition. Visitors have the opportunity to experience a variety of cultural or other activities of either traditional or contemporary artistic character.  In addition, they can visit art museums as well as archaeological locations around the city, in an astonishing variety of ancient, Frankish, Venetian, Byzantine or Ottoman heritage.

All the above, in addition to the wonderful Mediterranean Cyprus climate and the warm heartedness of the Cypriot people, make Limassol the ideal place to study.


CTL Eurocollege’s premises are located in a central urban area of Limassol, which goes by the name ‘Kapsalos’. The building is at the crossroad of Spyros Kyprianou Av. And Ayias Fylaxeos Str., accessible by public transport (bus numbers 9,10 and 20). Due to the relatively small size of Cypriot cities, compared to other European cities, there is also easy accessibility by motorbike or even bicycle.