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Research Committee

The Committee aims to support the College in research.  Its strategic role is to shape research policy and activities in the College.  The Committee and its members have the responsibility of promoting research in the academic community, industry and the society.

The objectives of the Committee:

  1. To encourage faculty and students to get actively involved in research projects.
  2. To provide adequate and sufficient facilities and equipment to support the research component of the programme of study.
  3. To evaluate the research performance of the academic personnel, students and partners.
  4. To promote excellence in research in the College, industry and the society. 

Functions of the Committee:

  1. Evaluates research and provides recommendations to the Board of Governors.
  2. Assists the Board of Governors in the decision making related to research.
  3. Reviews and reports to the Board of Governors about long term strategic research goals and the progress and direction of College research Programmes.
  4. Advises the Board of Governors on scientific and technological research matters.
  5. Endeavors to identify and discuss significant emerging science and technology issues and trends.
  6. Recommends approaches for acquiring and maintaining advantageous research.
  7. Regularly reviews the research Programmes of the College.
  8. Reviews the budgetary requirements and resource allocation for research.

 The Committee is comprised of the following members: 

The Head of Research 
The Executive Director
The Administration and Finance Director
The Academic Dean
Faculty members with a recognized background in research and extensive academic experience.