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The College ensures the existence and maintenance of an environment conducive to study and learning by providing students with facilities such as library with study area, training area for retail operations and computer lab.

The college’s library and computer centre are open to students at convenient hours to enable them to pursue their individual interests.

The CTL Eurocollege premises satisfy the students’ needs and requirements by providing lecture rooms, computer lab, library, conference and seminar room, (for special sessions, presentations, screenings and guest-lectures), staff room, practice area for front office/ retail office training, training restaurant and kitchen and a cafeteria along with the appropriate sanitary facilities for the students as well as for the staff.

Lecture Rooms

All Lecture Rooms are spacy and comfortable; fit to accommodate different Student group sizes, accordingly, suitably equipped with electronic or other devices to satisfy the needs of either theoretical class sessions or practical ones, depending on the nature of the Course. 

Computer Labs

In order to satisfy the needs of the Programmes, the College maintains 2 Personal Computer Labs equipped with Multimedia PCs of the latest technology. The number of PCs, which satisfies the class requirements of one PC for each Student, combined with the excellent assistance of the Lecturers, offers CTL Students the best conditions to study and practice. The Labs are large, fully air-conditioned spaces where all computer classes are held and where Students can practice after lessons. We have built-in applications, solutions covering the UNIX server, the Internet server, mail server, security and long distance training server based on two powerful servers, which provide all the above at the highest possible speed. Although most of the CTL Eurocollege Programmes include computer subjects, it is our aim to encourage all students to make extensive use of the Labs during their study hours, when they are available.


The College library is equipped with an adequate variety of books, journals, magazines, and reading material, which are helpful to the students’ education. Particular attention is given to current bibliography and periodicals on the College Programmes in order to meet the educational needs of students. The Ctl Library lends books to registered students and members of the Faculty and Administrative staff only.  It is run by a qualified Librarian and is open 5 days a week, Monday to Friday from 08:30 – 18:00, during all semesters including the summer session and during Christmas and Easter holidays.   PCs installed in the Library area are connected to the Internet and provide online connection with other world Libraries.


The Electronic Research Centre is an extension to the Library. It is equipped with a number of PCs, which allow CTL Students to perform their online research on any matter regarding their assignments or projects, and to access material in Electronic Libraries or catalogues.

Conference Room

This is a large room situated on the second floor of the building, which can host conferences, seminars, guest lectures and can be used as a multifunction room. It is equipped with projection facilities DVD Player, Home cinema, TV, PC, LCD Projector, VCR and monitor, an overhead projector, and an interactive board. The conference room hosts a variety of events which are organised by the Students’ Union, throughout the year.



Situated in the north-eastern corner on the second floor of the building, overlooking a large part of the town of Limassol, the CTL Cafeteria includes a large air-conditioned area, with a veranda, where Students and Staff can spend their free time. It is spacious place (112,95m2) that can host more than 100 people. Hot or cold beverages, snacks or hot meals can be enjoyed while socializing in a friendly environment. A number of indoor games like table tennis, darts, chess and backgammon are available. Students’ meetings and activities can also be held there. The Cafeteria offers free wi-fi access to all Students, Staff and visitors, during the opening hours of the College.