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Winter 2017 Events and Activities

24/Nov: Christmas Decorations 

The College invites CTL Students to participate in the Christmas decoration of our Cafeteria area, as well as   the Christmas tree.

Meet us on Friday, 24th of November, at 11.00 in the cafeteria. Your help is appreciated.

29/Nov: Bowling night at the Galactica Bowling Centre.

Be there at 18:30 p.m. Each person pays for their own playing fee and for the hire of bowling shoes.

01/Dec: Muslim Holy day

There will be a gathering and reading from the holy book.  This will take place in Room No A11, from 11:00 to 12:00 hours.

07/Dec: Movie day

Come and watch a movie with us in Room B1 at 13:30. The name of the film will be announced later.

22/Dec: Christmas Party

This is the last day of classes before Christmas holidays. We will be having a Christmas party, starting 12:00 o’clock  with Christmas traditional sweets, hot chocolate, biscuits and other delicious tid-bits in the cafeteria.

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