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The following are members of the Teaching Staff:

Afxentiou Georgios                                                                     Head of Research & Development

MBA in Global Management                                                      Management
(NY Institute of Technology, USA)                                             Web Design

BA in Graphic/ Web Design
(Brescia University, USA)

Agathangelou Lefteris                                                               Student Welfare & Activities Officer

MSc in Human Resource Mgt                                                   Tourism
(Middlesex University, UK)

Diploma in Marketing
(I.C.S. UK)

Diploma de Tourisme
(Ecole Reynaud, France)

Antoniades George

Post Graduate Diploma in Management                                  Management
(Mediterranean Institute of Management, Cyprus)                Marketing

Bsc in Business Administration/ Marketing
(The University of Akron, Ohio, USA)

Beeks John Robert

B.Sc Computer Engineering                                                        Computing
(Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina)

Christophides Theodoros

MSc Telecommunications & Computer                                     Telecommunication & Computer Network Engineering
Networks Engineering                                                                   
BEng Telecommunications Computer Networks                     

(London South Bank University, UK)

Christophidou Katerina                                                               Academic Dean

PhD Candidate                                                                               Greek
MA in Education
(London South Bank University, UK)

Postgraduate Certificate in Modern Greek Studies
(University of Birmingham, UK)

BA (Hons) in Greek Philology
(Aristotelio University, Thessaloniki, Greece)

Christoforou Maria                                                                         English

MA in Professional Development in Education
(Open University, UK)

BA in English Language & Literature
(University of Cyprus, Cyprus)

Constandinou Andreas                                                                Head of Business Dpt 

PhD Business Administration                                                     Economics
(Belford University, USA)                                                              Finance
PhD Economics                                                                            
(City University of New York, USA)

MBA Finance
(Saint John’s University, USA)

BA Economics
(Queens College, USA)

Constantinou Maria

Professional Diploma in Marketing                                           Marketing
Chartered Institute of Marketing

MA in Marketing Communications

BA in Marketing
(Middlesex University, UK)

Drousiotou Ioanna

MSc Clinical Psychology                                                           
(University of Nicosia)                                                               Psychology

BSc Pshychology

BSc Morse
(University of  Warwick)

Efstathiou Eleonora

Msc Applied Maths                                                                    Mathematics/ Statistics

BSc Mathematics
(University of Patra, Greece)

Georgiou Georgia

MA in Management                                                                    Management
BA in Public Relations                                                                
(University of Wolverhamton, UK)

Diploma in Communication Studies
(University of Nicosia, Cyprus)

Grispos Michael                                                                        

MA in Management                                                                    Management
(University of Wolverhampton, UK)                                          Marketing

(University of Central Lancashire, UK)

Bachelor of Education
University of Rhodesia, Zimbabwe
Certificate in Education
(Teachers' Training College T.T.C.,
(University of Rhodesia, Zimbabwe)

Ioannou  Michael                                                                       Computing  

MSc in Cyber Security
(UCLAN University, Cyprus)

BSc in Computer Science
(Cyprus College, Cyprus)                             

Kanellas George 

MSc Finance                                                                                 Finance

BSc Mathematics and Statistics
(University of Cyprus)

Kattami Ourania                                                                          Head of Office Studies Dpt

Diploma of Efficiency                                                                  Secretarial
(The Denson Secretarial College, UK)

Konstantinou Dora                                                                     Head of Computing Dpt

MSc in Educational Leadership and Mgt                                Computing
(CIIM - Cyprus International Institute of Management, Cy)

BSc in Computer Science
(University of Cyprus, Cy)

Kyriacou Demetris

PhD in Computer Science                                                        Computing

MSc in Computer Science

BSc in Computer Science
(University of Southampton, UK)

Malkawi Elena

PhD in Economics                                                                      Business
(Siberian University of Consumer Cooperation)

BA in Economics
(Novosimbirsk Commerce Institute)

Lara Henry                                                                                   Foundation Programme Coordinator

B.A. Applied Linguistics                                                             English
(University of London, Birkbeck College, UK)                         Spanish

Martin Paul                                                                                  Head of Hospitality & Tourism Dpt

MSc Hotel Management                                                            Hospitality

Diploma in Hotel Management -
(Swiss Hotel Assocation “Les Roches”, Switzerland)

Michail Nastasia

CIPD Advanced Level 7 Diploma in HRM                                Management
(Crosby Mgt Training Ltd, UK)                                                   HRM
MSc in Human Resources & Organizational Behaviour        
(CIIM, Cyprus)

MSc in Management
(University of Surrey, UK)

BA(Hons) in Accounting & Finance
(Lancaster University, UK)                         

Neokleous Angela

MA in Education                                                                          Greek
(University of Nottingham, UK)

BA in Philosophy, Education and Psychology
(University of Ioannina, Greece)

Panayidou Chryso 

MA in European Leisure Studies                                               Hospitality
(University of Brussels, Belgium,
Universtity of Tilburg, the Netherlands,
University of Deusto, Spain,
Universtity of Loughborough, UK)

BA (Hons) in Business with Tourism
(University of the West of England, UK)

BA in Modern Languages (Spanish & English)
(Open University of London, UK)

HND in Travel & Tourism Mgt
University of Plymouth, UK)

Panayiotou Maria

PhD Candidate                                                                              Law
(University of Nicosia, Cyprus)

LLM Public International Law
(Democritus University of Thrace, Greece)

(Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece)

 Papathomas Konstantinos                                                      Design, Promotion & Academic Consultant

Dipl. Ing. Architekt (Master of Architecture)                          Art History
Diploma in Architecture                                                             Culture
(RWTH Aachen, Germany)                                                        Design

Diploma in English Language & Literature and
Comparative Literature
(RWTH Aachen, Germany)

Petrou Maria

Master of Business Administration (MBA)                            Accounting

BSc in Applied Accounting

Serieh Stella

BSc in Mathematics                                                                  Mathematics
(University of Ioannina, Greece)                                              Statistics

Tryfonos Niki

Diploma in Office Administration                                            Secretarial
(Intercollege, Cyprus)

Tsounidou Afroditi       

MA in New Technologies in Education                                   French
& Communication
(TEPAK, Technological University, Cyprus)

BA in French Language & Literature
(Aristotelio University of Thessaloniki, Greece)

Terlikkas Constantinos

MA in Interactive Multimedia                                                  Computing
(CUT – Cyprus University of Technology, Cy)

BA in Graphic Design
(TEI of Athens, Greece)

Yiangou Louiza

BA in Business Administration                                                Business
(University of Piraeus, Greece)

Zacharakis Nicolas

BSc Computer Science and Mathematics                            Computing
(Brandon University, Canada)