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Students' Rights & Responsibilities

Students' Rights

Every Student has the right to equitable treatment by the College. Specifically, Students should have the right to:

  • Freedom of expression, discussion, religion or assembly.
  • Fair treatment.
  • Dignified treatment regardless of race, colour, national origin, age, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, religion, height, weight.
  • Protection from capricious decision making.
  • Access to policies that affect them.
  • A balanced and fair system of dispute resolution.
  • Participation in Associations and Committees.
  • Protection of their personal data and confidentiality in personal issues.
  • Quality education.
  • Receiving any information regarding the Programme of Study they are registered with, as well as all Courses included in the Programme of study.
  • Being informed about the structure of examination papers two weeks prior to the date of
    the examination by their lecturers.

 Students' Responsibilities

As with any community, the College has established standards of conduct for its members. As members of the College community, CTL Students’ responsibilities are: 

  • To abide by the State, District or Municipal laws, so far as these are relevant to Student conduct
  • To act consistently with the values of the College and abide by its rules and regulations
  • To respect any College property or facility
  • To avoid any unauthorized entry/presence
  • To avoid any unauthorized use or misuse of facilities, equipment, material or service
  • To avoid any misuse of library or computer resources
  • To refrain from any verbal or physical abuse
  • To refrain from any harassment of any other Student or  member of the Faculty or Administration
  • To refrain from alcohol or drugs
  • To comply with College guidelines

Violation of any of the above will be brought before the Disciplinary Committee

Penalties imposed may be:

  • Exclusion from activities
  • Exclusion from using facilities
  • Payment of damage
  • Reduction of grade
  • Expulsion for a period of time
  • Permanent expulsion from College