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Students' Union

The Student Union serves, represents, and promotes the interests and welfare of the students of the College. Its aim is to safeguard students’ interests, integrity, freedom of mind and speech.  It encourages student representation and involvement in college decision-making and strives to enhance the quality of life and education for the students.  The Union participates in Committees, the School Council and in the organization of educational, cultural, sporting, social and other activities including excursions and visits which are beneficial to College life as well as students’ interests and growing maturity.

The Students' Union is wholly organized and run by the Students of the College, and all of them are automatically members of the Union. During the Annual General Meeting the members of the Committee are elected by secret vote. The Committee meets once a month.  

Students are eligible for nomination for election if : 

  • They have completed at least one semester of studies
  • They are registered in 4 subjects with a minimum of 70% attendance
  • They are of excellent character and have observed all their responsibilities as  students of Ctl Eurocollege
  • They have no financial issues or other matters pending with the College
  • They have a minimum GPA of 3.00 for at least 4 subjects 

A Committee member would have to resign if it is later found out that they do not meet one or more of the above criteria.