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Emergency Response plan 2

In the event of an earthquake:

Keep calm and remain where you are unless you are in a stairway, elevator, or walkway close to and under buildings. If so, seek shelter away from these areas.

If you are indoors, stay indoors.

Take shelter snug to the side of your desk, a table, near an inside wall, a corner, and around building columns. Stay away from windows, glass walls, shelves, equipment, or outside doors.

If you are outdoors, stay there until after the quake subsides. Keep away from buildings, trees, and wires. Go to an open space.

Do not attempt to enter or leave a building during a quake. The emergency team will advise you when it is safe to enter or exit a building.

Remain in sheltered or safe areas until you are advised it is safe to do otherwise.

Assemble at the assembly area so that a head count can be taken.

After the initial earthquake shock there will be “after-shocks”. After shocks are less intense than the initial shock, but may cause additional damage.

After the initial shock, evaluate the situation. An effort should be made to notify the evacuation coordinator of serious hazards or injuries. The injured should be attended to and protected from aftershocks. If able, locate and shut off utilities, gases, etc.

Depending on the degree of the earthquake, it may be necessary to evacuate the building. Elevators should not be used during or immediately following an earthquake due to possible damage.

Follow the EEP plan.

Assist persons with injuries and those with disabilities in exiting the buildings.