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Emergency Response plan 4

Bomb threat and explosion:

When a bomb threat is received during normal business hours, report it to the  Evacuation Coordinator.

Take all bomb threats seriously.
Check out and document every threat.
If you receive the threat, get as much information as possible.

Time of Call
Man, woman, child calling/any accent or inflection location of the bomb
Time set for detonation
What it looks like
The type of explosive
Why was it placed ?
Any other information able to obtain

If you see a suspicious device or package, do not touch it in any way.

Immediately notify the evacuation coordinator.

Local authorities will be notified. Team Command staff will assess the situation and determine if the building is to be evacuated.

The Evacuation Coordinator will direct or lead responding officers to the area providing building maps and keys.

The General Evacuation Alarm will be sounded.

The EEP will be followed. No one is to re-enter facilities without clearance.